We are delighted to welcome you in our Chalets Lacuzon and wish you, your friends and family to enjoy this week in the mountains.

In order to put you in the holiday mood, you can already consult here the welcome booklet of your chalet.

It is full of practical information for the organisation of your holiday.

In addition, below you will find a pictorial explanation of how the appliances work in your chalet.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Katia & Cédric


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Energy saving

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION THROUGH SMALL ACTIONS - Do not overheat the chalet - Switch off the heaters when you open the windows - Before going skiing: turn down the heating and close the windows - Turn off the lights

Bed sheets & towels

Sheets, duvet covers and towels are provided.

On the day of your departure please remove the used sheet (not the mattress protector), pillowcase, duvet cover, towels and bath mats from your room and place them in the appropriate laundry bags on the bank outside.

Bag for the fitted sheet, pillowcase, duvet cover

On the day of your departure, please collect all the used sheets in this bag and put it on the bank outside.

Bag for towels

On the day of your departure, please collect all used towels in this bag and put it on the bank outside.

→Please do not remove mattress protector from mattresses.

→Please remove the bath mats from the bathrooms and place them in piles on the bank outside.

→Please leave unused sheets and towels in the chalet

How to open the garage door


Dial the code.


Press on the side to open the box.


Press a button on the remote control to open the door and then close the box and lock it by changing the code.


Inside the garage: a remote control is available on the the right side of the garage door.

How to use the boot dryer


The boot dryers are connected to a timer. They will start automatically around 5pm until 8pm and then restart from 8am to 9am.


The red switch on the side of each shoe dryer is used to turn on the heating. Make sure that it is on.


The green switch on the side of each shoe dryer is used to turn on the fan. Make sure that it is on.

How to use the hot tub

THE WATER IS RENEWED EACH WEEK ON SATURDAY! Please do not empty or refill the hot tub on your own.

To maintain the water quality during your stay, please have a shower before entering the hot tub to remove any remaining cream, sock pilling or other residue that clogs the filter.

Put an active oxygen tab in the hot tub on the evening before you go to bed.


The hot tub cover must be closed , when the hot tub is not in use.


To remove the hot tub cover, please fold the cover back on itself.


Lift up the cover with the handle. The cover must be in a vertical position.


Press the white button to turn on the hot tub. It will run for 20 minutes without interruption. Press again to restart a cycle.



The system can be stopped completely by pressing the on/off button. This prevents the hot tub from being heard at night during its filter cycle. Remember to turn the system back on in the morning to keep the water at the correct temperature.


The Temp button can be used to adjust the temperature using the + / - buttons.


The temperature is set as standard to 37°C. CAUTION: the higher is the temperature, the more difficult it will be to keep the water clear.


In order to treat the water and keep it clear, active oxygen tablets are available next to the stereo system. Put 2 tablets directly into the water every morning. Active oxygen is gentler on your skin than chlorine.

How to use the sauna

Do not wear jewellery in a sauna. Metal can get hot and burn the skin.

1. Hygien rules

Please, always sit on your towel. Do not eat or drink alcoholic beverages in the sauna.

2. Light in the sauna

Press the button to switch on the light.

3. Switch on the sauna

Press ON/ OFF to switch on or switch off the sauna. You can change the temperature with the red and blue arrows. The other buttons are useless during your stay.

How to use the heaters

PLEASE LIMIT YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION - Turn off the heaters when windows are opened -Switch off the lights, close windows and reduce the heaters before you go skiing

When all the electrical appliances in the house are switched on, in order to avoid power cuts, a load-shedding system is used on certain radiators. As a result, some radiators are switched off. They will start up again as soon as the demand for electricity decreases. So remember to switch off large electrical appliances (sauna, hot tub, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, …) when they are not in use or do not use them all at the same time.

1. Advice

Please do not cover the radiators or dry your gloves or clothes on them. Fabrics will rub off on the radiators.

2. To switch on

To switch on the radiators, set the left knob to the sun position. The right-hand knob can be used to adjust the temperature from 1 to 6.
As an example 3 corresponds to a temperature of about 20°C. The LED turns red when the radiator heats up and green when the desired temperature is reached.

How to use the pellet stove

1 stove filling with wood is offered. More bags of wood are at your disposal in the garage. Additional bags costs 10 € and will be charged at the end of your stay.

1. Sart the stove

Short press on the button. A countdown timer will appear on the left screen indicating the time remaining before the stove is fully lit. Do not touch any other buttons during this operation. It is normal for the stove to fill up with smoke at first.

2. Switch off the stove

To switch off the stove , press the button 0/1 for a long time and wait for the countdown to end before the stove is completely extinguished.

3. Adjusting the heat

Use the + and - buttons to adjust the power of the stove. Use these buttons only after the stove has been completely started.

4. Refill with wood pellets

To put pellets back into the stove tank, press the lid on top of the stove firmly. The flap will open slightly.


Lift the lid and pour pellets up to the top of the tank. Pellets bags are stored downstairs in the ski room. When the tank is empty you can pour a full bag into it.


When finished, close the cover by pressing it tightly to lock it.

How to use the cooking plate

If the bottle of gas should be empty during your stay, please let the owner know and he will replace it.

To light one of the burners, turn the knob and hold it down for 2 seconds.
The cooking plate has a safety device to prevent any problems in case of flame extinction.

1. TV

Switch on the TV with the 1st remote control.

2. Sat receiver

Switch on the receiver using the 2nd remote control. Wait a moment while the channels are updated.

3. TV remote control

How to use the TV and sat

The reception of the channels is via satellite. If the TV does not show any picture, check that the HDMI channel is the one of the receiver (use the TV remote control to make the change).

4.Sat receiver remote control

Channels from 1 to 999 correspond to French channels. Channels from 1000 correspond to foreign channels.